10 Things You Should Know about Public Attitudes to Development

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Planners WebPlanners Web, a key site for citizen planners and zoning boards, has published a feature by Patrick Fox, president of The Saint Consulting Group, on 10 things planners should know about public attitudes towards development.

The site grew out of the quarterly Planning Commissioners Journal and provides  articles and postings on a wide range of planning issues, as well as a focus on how citizen planners — especially members of planning commissions and boards — can work most effectively.

The first article draws on findings from The Saint Index, our national survey of public attitudes on large-scale development, and summarizes opposition to new development, how the public views planners and developers and the need to draw in public participation early in the planning process.

Planners Web will publish two further articles from Pat Fox,  “10 Things Planning Commissioners Should Know About Project Applicants,” and  “10 Things Planning Commissioners Should Know About Project Opponents.”

The Saint Report welcomes the interest from Planners Web and looks forward to your comments.

Click here for “10 Things You Should Know About How the Public Feels About Development.”