Planners Web: 10 Things You Should Know About Project Applicants

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Planners WebPlanners Web, a key site for citizen planners and zoning boards, has published a second feature by Patrick Fox, president of The Saint Consulting Group, on 10 things planners should know about project applicants.

Last week, the site, which grew out of the quarterly Planning Commissioners Journal, published the first feature, “!0 Things You Should Know about Public Attitudes to Development”. The editor, Wayne Senville, has also created a discussion group for these and other features on Planners Web’s LinkedIn page.

In his latest feature, Patrick discusses practical concerns developers face when they come before planning commissioners, including their reputations, fear of costly delays, a desire to be creative and a limit on how generous they can be to the community.

In the third feature, Patrick will talk about 10 things you should know about project opponents.

Click here for “10 Things You Should Know about Project Applicants.”

Patrick Fox is president of The Saint Consulting Group, email