Overcoming public opposition to quarry development — how to rally support

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rockproductscoverSo, you want to build a quarry? “Not in my community!” That’s what 64 percent of Americans said in the 2007 Saint Index survey of attitudes toward real-estate development. To put that in startling perspective, 65 percent said they would oppose a nuclear power plan in their hometown. Only landfills and casinos — both with 76 percent opposition — are more opposed.

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If there’s good news for quarry operators, it’s that opposition is down from 2006, when 76 percent of American adults said they opposed quarry development in their community. A closer look at the Saint Index findings also gives insight into strategies that can help when operators look to expand a quarry or win permits for a new one, writes Chris Hopkins, senior vice president of The Saint Consulting Group, in the cover story for Rock Products Magazine’s February issue. more

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