Overcome NIMBY opposition like a virus – limit the spread, treat the infection

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By Jay Vincent
Regional Vice President – Midwest, The Saint Consulting Group

nimbycartoonOpposition to well conceived development projects can be experienced as something similar to an untreated virus. Infections are inevitable. Everyone gets sick sometime throughout their life. The same goes for development.

If a project is significant enough, it is certainly prone to the infection of NIMBY opposition. The goal should be to limit the spread of the virus and treat the infection.

Treating that infection is inevitably a “political” medication that if implemented well will ensure the a successful outcome.  When attempting to stop the spread of the virus, here are some suggested steps towards that end:

1.       Know your abutters and communicate with them often
2.       Identify opponents early and build a dialogue
3.       Inform the decision makers of your outreach efforts
4.       Inform elected officials about problems before their constituents call first

Once the virus is contained, I have only one suggestion for delivering the cure necessary.  Hire Saint Consulting – the World Leaders in Land Use Politics

Jay Vincent is regional vice president, Midwest, for The Saint Consulting Group, email vincent@tscg.biz, phone 312-970-5770

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