Opposition to local mosque plans highlights new NIMBY fears

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A Moslem community in Brentwood, Tennessee, has decided to drop plans to build a local mosque after a planning battle thrust religion into the middle of a land use dispute. The Tennessean, reporting on the story, said that it highlights a trend where plans for building places of worship face growing resistance.

The battle in Brentwood focuses on a small group of Moslems who said they wanted to build a mosque to glorify God’s name. Yet, opponents accused the group of bullying the community into accepting the plans, and some observers lamented the planning fight’s impact on community inter-faith relations.

Every year, hundreds of new houses of worship are proposed around the United States. A growing number face resistance from neighbors and government officials who see places of worship as a nuisance because they don’t pay taxes, often ask for special exceptions to zoning rules and cause traffic congestion, writes reporter Bob Smietaha.

Click here for Smietaha’s report in The Tennessean.

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