Oil era is dead, says Pickens, but others voice concern over wind farms impact

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oil-and-windIn the interval before Barack Obama moves into the White House, more advice about wind farms, natural gas and the end of the oil era is pouring into the blogosphere.

The only people who don’t like wind farms are the people who don’t have one – was the punch line of a humorous story T. Boone Pickens told the crowd at Revolution: Oklahoma Wind Conference this week. But conference attendees also heard from a few people who are concerned that the wind industry is growing too fast to fully account for its effect on the environment, the economy and a multitude of secondary issues, Janice Francis-Smith reported in the Oklahoma Journal Record.

Pickens also advised President-elect Obama to offer $50,000 to anyone who modifies his or her 18-wheeler to run on natural gas instead of diesel. Dave Hendrick reported in the Kansas City infoZine , “By his estimates, the country will shell out $10 trillion for foreign oil over the next decade if imports continue rising. Pickens calls this the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, a river of money he says only natural gas can stop.”

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