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By Steve Shepherd,
Vice President for Communications, The Saint Consulting Group

the-saint-indexMost Americans would rather have nuclear power plant built in their community than a landfill, a casino, or even a quarry.

A landfill is the most reviled type of proposed development when it comes to a person’s hometown, followed closely by a casino, the 2009 Saint Index survey of 1,000 American adults found.

Seventy-eight percent of American adults oppose a landfill project in their community, and nearly as many oppose a casino (77%). An aggregate quarry is opposed by 62%.

A nuclear power plant (60% opposed) is the least-favored type of power plant. But a majority of Americans still find it preferable as a local development project to a landfill, a casino, or an aggregate quarry.

nuclearThat sentiment may seem shocking to many Americans, but it has actually been the case in South Carolina, where citizen activism killed proposals for new landfills and junkyards in rural counties — while at the same time county officials have passed resolutions supporting the expansion of two nuclear power stations.

Anti-nuclear groups remain committed to their battle, however, even if locals complain the opposition comes from ‘outside agitators.’ For more details, see US Saint Index.

Steve Shepherd is vice president for communications, The Saint Consulting Group; email, phone 781 749 7290, ext 7121

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