Nimbys To Man the Barricades

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March 16, 2007 The Times Online

There may be large differences of opinion over how many new homes Britain needs each year to cope with the expected surge in the number of households — the Government-commissioned Barker review estimated more than 209,000, a controversial target to say the least. But plans continue to be laid to meet this goal. The planning White Paper, due out on March 26, will set out how the infrastructure can be created to support these extra dwellings.

A decidedly hostile reception is likely to greet these proposals; Nimbyism is becoming more entrenched, with 83 per cent of people against any more development in their area, according to a study from The Saint Consulting Group (TSCG). More than half of those questioned think their council is in cahoots with developers; close to three quarters say that they would be swayed by the stance of councillors on new housing and other developments (a view that candidates in the May local elections should note).

Nimbys To Man the Barricades

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