NIMBYism and multi-family housing — a develeper’s woe in Calgary

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multi_housing Generally speaking multi-family housing is a favourite target for NIMBYism. The problem is, as it has been for a few years now, that communities try to influence what happens.

Politicians, on more than a few occasions, find themselves caught between developments and constituents who just don’t want multi-family housing in their neighbourhoods, writes Marty Hope in the Calgary Herald, highlighting an issue seen more frequently in the US, Canada and the UK. more

One Comment on “NIMBYism and multi-family housing — a develeper’s woe in Calgary”

  1. This article highlights what we have been seeing across the US, Canada and United Kingdom. The politics of development have changed and politicians are increasingly siding with the NIMBYs.

    Developers who continue to think they can sneak their projects through or that it will be approved based on its merits are losing. Good is not good enough anymore. It’s all about the politics.

    Developers who do not know how to build and leverage grassroots constituent support to exert political pressure on local officials are seeing their projects defeated.

    Pat Fox, president, Saint Consulting

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