Are NIMBY Protests Gaining Ground in China? It’s Hard to Tell

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In recent years, China’s own brand of  NIMBY opposition to development has attracted world attention with a series of “government backs down, citizens win” stories.

But as The China Story website reports: Even after studying media reporting and Internet chatter about such protests, it is hard to know whether the objectionable projects have been cancelled, halted temporarily, moved elsewhere or simply hidden behind high walls.

Reuters reported in November 2012 that what appeared as government capitulation in some examples has led to government compromise as China struggles to find a solution to growing opposition to industrial and petrochemical development. Click here for details.

China Dialogue looked at the issue last May and found that China’s NIMBY protests are a sign of unequal society, and in June the same site asked How are NIMBY campaigns changing China.

The Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time report wrote last July that “no nukes” is the latest China NIMBY protest.

Lastly, The China Story posted a timeline of NIMBY protests in the world’s most populous country, dating back to 2007.