Nimby Nation: The High Cost To America Of Saying No To Everything

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NIMBY opposition is dominating the approvals process, stopping development and slowing economic and job growth across the United States.  The new political reality is that everyone thinks they can fight development and win.  Good projects including projects vital for national infrastructure, economic development and national security are being crushed by a NIMBY majority.  We have been talking about the implications and impacts of this for a long time now.  This new story from Forbes offers a great perspective.

Fueled by legal advocacy groups, cries of Not In My Backyard are quietly costing the United States economy trillions. The ability of America to flourish is at stake. 

By Christopher Helman and Daniel Fisher

For more than 50 years Onyx Specialty Papers of South Lee, Mass. has carved out a niche selling unusual, high-value products like the Kevlar-reinforced paper used in automobile clutch plates. The company’s twin 100-foot-long paper machines sit in a 150-year-old brick building on the Housatonic River, churning out 12,000 tons of paper a year.

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