New Methods, Tools Win Development Battles Investment In New Technologies Is Critical

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By P. Michael Saint
Chairman and CEO
The Saint Consulting Group

Winning land use political campaigns means staying on top of the latest political campaign tactics and technology. At Saint Consulting we pride ourselves in doing just that.

Among the weapons in our arsenal are many that we have adapted from candidate campaigns. These include, for example:

Social Media: Using Facebook, Twitter and other networking tools to reach and organize supporters.

Campaign Management/Stakeholder Tracking:
Using sophisticated software to keep track of supporters and follow up with them when our clients need their help for meetings, public hearings and pre-vote communications with government officials.

Video Petitions: Creating petitions and other custom-crafted video productions to capture the message from citizens expressing support for your position in a way that can reach decision makers through YouTube, DVD communications, and in multi-media presentations at public hearings.

E-mail, Blogs and Websites: Perhaps old fashioned at this point, but still absolutely necessary for modern campaign management when used effectively.

Specialized Mapping and Graphics: Software and geo-targeting methods used in conjunction with tools like Google Earth allow us to create graphics that show politicians where project supporters, petition signers — and activated voters — live, using images to demonstrate support in a way mere words cannot.

Targeted Supporter Contact: Focused databases that allow us to direct mail, email or otherwise contact citizens most likely to support your side without wasting valuable time and financial resources contacting those likely to be indifferent or opposed.

iPad Applications: Our own iPad-based presentation and petitioning tools are under development to help us educate the public about your project, gather petitions of support and then e-mail the petition directly to City Hall, with the signature and sometimes even photo of the person who signed.

Sophisticated Research: Membership in proprietary online databases, like NexisLexis, allow us to quickly and efficiently gather valuable information about matters affecting our clients’ projects.

The Saint iPhone App: Our own iPhone application helps communicate the latest in land use political research.

Using these and other state-of-the art technologies requires a hefty investment in acquiring them and then in training staff to use them for the benefit of our clients. It is an investment we gladly make to maximize our chances of winning each land use campaign.

P. Michael Saint is chairman and CEO of The Saint Consulting Group, email

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