National Study Finds Wind Turbines Have No Impact on House Sale Prices

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By Jay Vincent, The Saint Consulting Group

Harvard Business Review’s Daily Stat is out with a helpful stat for the wind industry today. In a study by the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Milan, NY, the team concluded that “being located near wind farms has approximately zero significant effect on sale prices.”

The study of the sale of nearly 7,500 homes near 24 wind farms, says: neither the view of the wind facilities nor the distance of the home to those facilities is found to have a statistically significant effect on sales prices, yet further research is warranted.

This is a helpful and credible study for developers who often hear that the reason to deny their special use permit or zoning is that local home and property values will be negatively impacted. The study is worth a read for anyone developing in today’s political climate.
If you want to view the study, you can do so here Wind Energy Study on Home Prices.

Jay Vincent is senior vice president for business development and business practice leader for the energy industry for The Saint Consulting Group, email

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