Most North Americans support mass transit — for others, not themselves!

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trafficjam The World Madness Institute’s Transportation Division recently released a report claiming that most North American commuters are huge supporters of public transit — for others, not themselves, Heather Douglas of the Canwest News service reports in the Calgary Herald.

Of 10,000 people interviewed, 77 per cent of Americans and 89 per cent of Canadians wanted their municipal governments to either introduce or expand their local light rail transit system. They were almost unanimous in wanting to get everyone else’s cars off the road to cut their own travel times.

In contrast, the glaring exception is London, England. Since 2000, 45 per cent more people ride transit daily and 10 per cent have stopped driving altogether.

One Comment on “Most North Americans support mass transit — for others, not themselves!”

  1. This study is bogus. The Calgary Chamber of Commerce invented the World Madness Institute as a way to bring attention to their pet issues. Heather Douglas admits as much. The story was retracted in the newspaper that it appeared after this came to light.

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