Mike Saint speaks at ADIT Brazil COMPLAN 2014

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Mike S 2014(1)By Mike Saint
CEO, The Saint Consulting Group

On September 12, 2014 I was invited to speak to a convention of developers who build large, master planned communities and new urbanism resorts – in Brazil. Sponsored by The Association for Real Estate and Tourism Development in Brazil, the three-day conference attracted more than 400 developers and experts.

During my three-hour presentation, I asked all those in the room to stand up, and while listening to my English words translated into Portuguese through headphones, like a UN event, I asked all those in my audience who had never faced opposition to a project, to sit down. NONE DID. Nimbyism and opposition to new development is alive and well in Brazil.

During my presentation, I covered Saint Index polling results, our Advocacy Pyramid approach to building public support, and state of the art tools for identifying and motivating voters to participate in the land use political approval process. We even discussed Defense, – using our approached to block competitors from winning government approvals.

We also got a copy of “Planned Communities,” a new 300-page book from ADIT, which includes a chapter from Saint Consulting, (in Portuguese) on overcoming project opposition.


Here is how ADIT reported the conference on their web site:

During three days, the fourth edition COMPLAN 400 people gathered at the headquarters of SECOVI in São Paulo. Event discussed the concept of Good Urbanism, featuring national and international cases of planned projects, and launched “Planned Communities,” the first literary work of the entity ADIT Brazil.

Between 11 and September 13, 2014, the Association for Real Estate and Tourism Development of Brazil – ADIT Brazil – held the fourth edition of COMPLAN, the main national event on subdivisions, neighborhoods, cities and planned resorts. The SECOVI / SP was chosen to foster discussion about modern and profitable towards territorial ordering alternatives in Brazil, suggesting the direct involvement of the actors of the national real estate industry.

… COMPLAN…..was the largest public event of the association, where the main urban planners, architects, engineers and consultants active in Brazil and around the world attended. Also participating: investors, developers, builders, landlords, hotel chains, condominium managers, and entrepreneurs interested in this market segment.

To officially open the event, Felipe Cavalcante, president of ADIT Brazil, stressed the importance of Good Planning to urban organization in the country, inviting Caio Sergio Calfat, vice president of tourism real estate affairs SECOVI / São Paulo to the stage.

Cavalcante stressed the importance of getting together representatives of 18 Brazilian states to discuss good urbanism and its application in practice. For him, the team is to be congratulated because ADIT has managed to put in the private sector agenda, the national real estate, urban development and good urbanism. According to the remarks of the president of ADIT, at the time there was an explosion of Planned Communities in Brazil, the segment was still little known by Brazilian businessmen. “In these four years of work, many entrepreneurs become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of planned projects and the fourth edition of COMPLAN, one realizes that there are much more mature national constructions and structured than in previous years,” he stresses.