Massive Tennessee coal ash spill is a black eye for the entire coal industry

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The massive coal ash spill in Eastern Tennessee will have ramifications through the entire coal industry, potentially setting back attempts by companies to permit new coal mines or coal fired power plants, writes Chris Hopkins, senior vice president for aggregates and mining at The Saint Consulting Group.

coal-ashWith experts quoted in The New York Times calling the spill the largest environmental disaster of its kind in the United States, this means that every time a new proposal is put forth, the opposition will bring up this disaster for years to come. It does not matter whether your application is in Tennessee, California,Canada or Europe,this will be brought up as a risk.

These ultimately are the conditions of operating your business in the internet age. Thirty years ago, would this have been more than a brief mention anywhere outside the communities that are being affected, probably not. Today this is worldwide news and fodder for opponents through a simple two word Google search.

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