Successes and failures in renewable energy spotlight alternatives to oil

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tidalpowerExamples are pouring forth of the success and failures of renewable energy projects around the world, as the spotlight intensifies on alternatives to oil energy sources, such as wind, solar, biomass, wave and tidal power. Here are some recent comments:

  • Gavin Hudson in Eco-Worldly reviews 13 wind and solar successes and failures, including some which could go either way.
  • Mayor Bloomberg proposes windmills on city bridges and skyscrapers, The New York Times reports.
  • Dow Jones in Cattle Network explores biomass alternatives pursued by communities that cannot rely on wind power.
  • Kate Wright reports in The National about a bitter battle between landowners and energy companies in western New York state over who owns the wind. Thanks to the Industrial Wind Action Group blog for this.
  • Wave and tidal power, outlined by Richard Wilson in The Sunday Times, are curbed by lack of UK government support, critics claim, even though turbines at sea are less controversial than windmills.

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