Looking for political backbone on green earth and economy issues? Head North!

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By Jay Vincent,

Senior Vice President for Energy, The Saint Consulting Group

mcguintyOver the weekend, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty placed some political capital at risk by putting his money where his mouth is, calling out NIMBY opposition to wind and gas-fired projects in the province in the face of thousands of signatures presented by local MPPs.

McGuinty has been a strong supporter of transitioning energy generation to more renewables and now is doing so in the face of local opponents in his political backyard. Apparently, McGuinty places long-term energy and climate security higher in importance than job security. See The Saint Report earlier this week.

feinsteinIn stark contrast to his political neighbors across the border to the south, McGuinty is pledging not to let NIMBY landowners and residents stop the Ontario province’s pursuit of renewable standards. Perhaps U.S. Senators Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein and Ted Kennedy should take note.

All of these elected officials have been observed as strong supporters of cleaner energy generation from wind, solar and nuclear in the interest of reducing greenhouse gases and promoting energy security and green jobs, yet have balked at just those types of projects being developed in California, Nevada and Massachusetts.

Reid is a staunch opponents to storing spent nuclear material at Yucca Mountain, Feinstein has opposed the development of solar projects in the CA desert and Kennedy has led the fight to stop Cape Wind in Nantucket Sound.

Ben wrote about this issue in March 2009 — Clean energy vs Nimbys on Capitol Hill: no aquí, por allá por favor (not here, over there please). For other wind industry related posts, click on wind power

Jay Vincent is senior vice president for energy, The Saint Consulting Group, emai vincent@tscg.biz, phone 312.970.5770 Ext: 7502

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