Jay Vincent Live Blogging from San Diego Wind Energy Symposium

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Jay Vincent, senior vice president for energy for The Saint Consulting Group, is blogging live from The San Diego Wind Energy Symposium, which has opened at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

9.04 am PDT The introduction for the event is a welcome from Dr. Tony Haymet, Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Vice Chancellor for Marine Sciences, and Dean of the Graduate School of Marine Sciences at University of California, San Diego.

From the start, the program is all about setting up the need for renewables.  Lots of developers, flacks, hacks and engineers in the room.  Not many avg folks.  #problem

9.24 am Michael Picker, senior adviser to California Governor Jerry Brown for renewable energy facilities, says in the keynote address that southern California wind development may be opportunistic due to availability of wind resource.  He mentions an Invenergy and Iberdrola project.

9.27 am Picker is concerned about California’s reputation that it cannot get things done due to over regulation in so far as he doesn’t believe it is true.  He worries about expiration of federal stimulus dollars for the wind industry.  He poses the question, should we slow down?

9.34 am What becomes clear from his speech is that Picker does not think highly of wind as an opportunity near San Diego.  #backfire

9.45 am Panel 1 up next…an academic, salesman, academic and industry VP

9.52 am First question to panelists:  Q1. What does the future hold for wind development in San Diego?

10.01 am Q2.  What is the greatest obstacle to development?

Erik Bruvold, President, National University System Institute for Policy Research, says cost and policy.  Marc Peterson, Region Manager, Renewable Sales, GE Energy, says permitting process.  Matt Burkhart, Vice President of Electric and Fuel Procurement, SDG&E,  says a variety of sources inclusive of site, cost, process and policy.

10.14 am Q3.  What are the local economic development benefits of a wind project?  Erik Bruvold says for a 150 MW project a community can expect 600 total jobs with about half temporary and the rest construction. 15 permanent!

10.33 am They asked another of my questions regarding good neighbor payments, unfortunately no one wanted to answer it.  Peterson, the GE guy, took a shot but #fail

11.00  am Panel 2 starts up now, #SDwind2011

11.17 am  The second panel is getting some great questions about different impacts on health, safety, property values, etc.  Dr. Thayer says there is no impact on property values, #sdwind2011

11.46 am  Last question was from the opposition when they asked about stray voltage in homes and noise in the home.  #sdwind2011

Jay Vincent is senior vice president for energy for The Saint Consulting Group, email vincent@tscg.biz

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