Is Coal Still a Valid Energy Source for Colorado? Yes, Sanderson Says

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Coal is not only valid but is also vital to our nation’s energy security, writes Stuart Sanderson, president of the Colorado Mining Association, in the Denver Post.

The United States has 27 percent of the world’s coal, more than any other nation, and more energy potential than all the oil in the Middle East. It only makes sense that we continue to harness this unmatched abundance, which accounts for over 40 percent of the nation’s electricity and 66 percent in Colorado.

Coal is the fastest-growing electricity source worldwide. The International Energy Agency reports that coal use will grow 65 percent by 2035. Coal is the only fuel that can provide electricity to the more than 3 billion people worldwide currently without electric power. Some forecasts predict that coal will surpass even oil as the leading energy source.

To read Sanderson’s full article, click here

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