Inside the mind of a NIMBY: interview with Arizona copper mine opponents

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By Christopher Hopkins,
Senior Vice President, Aggregates and Mining, The Saint Consulting Group

People oppose mining development for a number of reasons, to protect the environment, to preserve the character of the community and because the product that is being mined is extremely controversial. Here is an Arizona Daily Star interview with two of the leading opponents of the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine in Arizona.  Remember that opponents do not have to be factually correct while waging the opposition; look for instances of this during the interview.

One of the hazards faced by a junior mining company is that their capital investments will not take them through the permitting process, construction and to the point where they can generate revenue.  In the last question of the interview the opponents admit their acknowledgement of this problem and talk about the strategy to drag the permitting process out, which can dry up the applicant’s capital.

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Christopher Hopkins is senior vice president for aggregatives and mining for The Saint Consulting Group, email, phone 615-656-3794

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