In Nimby Sentiments, a Gender Divide

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October 12, 2011 — The New York Times — By Felicity Barringer —

A consulting firm that conducts an annual poll on public attitudes toward development has come up with a new twist on Nimbyism: women are far more likely than men to fight proposals to build new power plants, shopping malls and big-box stores.

According to a nationwide telephone survey of 1,000 people last June by the Saint Consulting Group, support for local projects with potentially negative environmental consequences is uniformly higher among men than among women. In fact, apartments and condominiums are the only kind of local development that women are more likely to support than men.

And there is another interesting fact hiding in the data: in three of the nine examples shown above, the rate at which Tea Party members support a given development project closely parallels the rate for men.

Take quarries. Some 43 percent of men would support a new one in their neighborhood, compared with 29 percent of women. (The overall data come with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.) And 44 percent of Tea Partiers would support such a development.

Fifty percent of the men surveyed would support a new power plant in the community; among Tea Party supporters the figure was 49 percent. Only 32 percent of women would.

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