How to overcome opposition to shale gas exploration and production

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By Jay Vincent,
Senior Vice President – Energy Sector, Practice Leader, The Saint Consulting Group

Web trends about opposition to gas drilling show a clear path towards massive opposition growing from local land owners concerned about property value impacts to environmentalists concerned about the technology being used to extract gas from the shale.   To mitigate the impact of this trend on gas companies and developers, companies should consider these steps to plan appropriately for dealing with this growing NIMBY trend:

  1. Conduct political due diligence assessment
  2. Build a meaningful community outreach and education program
  3. Organize your landowner base
  4. Organize your allied stakeholders
  5. Control the message in the media and the blogs
  6. Turnout lots of supporters to hearings
  7. Help your allies and landowners communicate with decision makers

As particular sectors or industries become targets for environmentalists and NIMBYs, it is essential to have a plan that effectively mitigates their impact on your approval process.  While these steps might seem clear, it takes a strategist with a keen eye for local politics to successfully develop a plan that will ensure success.  If you would like to learn more about how Saint Consulting can help your project or Saint University can improve your team’s effectiveness, please give us a call.

Jay Vincent, senior vice president and energy sector practice leader, The Saint Consulting Group, email:, phone: 312.212.8889

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