Homeowners More Likely to Vote than Renters – Developers Take Note!

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By Jay Vincent, The Saint Consulting Group
The Daily Stat @ HBR is out with an interesting statistic today saying that homeowners are 15.6% more likely to vote than renters, further driving home the belief that today more than ever developers must incorporate neighbors and abutters into their development process.

According to the study by Matthew Holian, dissatisfaction makes homeowners even more likely to cast ballots while that same dissatisfaction doesn’t increase likeliness to vote among renters. The researchers believe homeowners vote more because they tend to be less mobile and are impacted more by the quality of government services.

When thinking of government services as also government decision-making the concern here broadens to developers.

Consider that the 2011 Saint Index also shows a growing disapproval of government decision-making and a general sentiment that the process for permitting real estate projects is inherently unfair, it is understandable that elected officials more than ever are really pressing to understand what neighbors think about development projects.

If homeowners are more likely to vote then elected officials will naturally gravitate towards protecting homeowners interests in favor of earning votes and job security.

Jay Vincent is senior vice president for business development for The Saint Consulting Group, email vincent@tscg.biz

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