Hey! Anyone know how California will reduce greenhouse emissions?

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By Jesse McKnight,

Executive Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group

As a Urban Land Institute (ULI)  member and California resident, I found it interesting that ULI decided to nationally endorse SB375, a California bill that attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Golden State.

Not that I am supportive or against the legislation, but I am more unsure of how it is going to be interpreted by California lawmakers and courts.  Of note, the current Republican gubernatorial candidate and likely nominee, Meg Whitman, has called for a moratorium on AB 32, the 2006 California law that calls for lowering emissions standards by 25 percent.

As The Saint Report published last June, the success of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, known as AB 32, depends largely on how subsequent law SB 375, the land use and planing portion of this bill adopted in 2008, will be implemented to reduce emissions, and the targets discussed by the Regional Targets Advisory Committee (RTAC).

The San Francisco Chronicle outlines the ULI endorsement here.

Can someone help me understand what exactly we are endorsing?

Jesse McKnight is executive vice president of The Saint Consulting Group, email mcknight@tscg.biz or phone 510 279-4271

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