Grist Green Series Takes Hard Look at Walmart Sustainability Claims

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A community-based blog is taking what it calls a hard look at Walmart’s environmental impact and its sustainability claims. Hometown Advantage Bulletin, published by the New Rules Project, says it has begun a new series that will report what Walmart is and isn’t doing in these policy areas, as well as offering an analysis of the big-picture issues at stake.

In the first instalment, headlined “Walmart’s Greenwash: Why the retail giant is still unsustainable”, Stacy Mitchell writes:

“As I started to work on this series, I looked back at the coverage of Walmart’s sustainability campaign over the last six years and was shocked by just how much of a public relations boost the media have given the company and how little public accountability they have demanded in return.

“Some of the most serious environmental consequences of Walmart’s business model simply aren’t on the table. Walmart doesn’t talk about them and, despite expending a lot of ink and airtime on the company’s green activities, the news media don’t either. Indeed, journalists rarely stray beyond the parameters of what Walmart has put in front of them.”

For the full article in the blog Grist, A Beacon in the Smog, click here.

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