Ultimate Environmental Debate on Role of Fossil Fuels in Providing Energy – TONIGHT!

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It is billed as the Ultimate Environmental Debate.  Instead of political debates, listen tonight to a debate on the role of fossil fuels in providing energy, at 7 pm EST, between Alex Epstein, the founder of The Center for Industrial Progress and Bill McKibben, a leading national environmentalist.

Click on this link to sign in and watch live – http://fossilfueldebate.com

Bill McKibben is the leader of Math.350.org, a campaign to eliminate the use of all fossil fuels and advocating that the power companies pay for the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.

As CEO of The Center for Industrial Progress, Alex Epstein is promoting America’s vital energy sources — coal, oil natural gas and nuclear. Alex believes that these sources are wildly attacked as environmentally destructive. This attack is deeply wrong, and must be countered with the powerful truth that energy improves our environment.

Christopher Hopkins is senior vice president for mining and aggregates for The Saint Consulting Group, email hopkins@tscg.biz


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