Fracking and Casinos Win Majority Support in Ohio, Florida Surveys

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Two recent surveys on controversial land use topics — fracking to drill shale oil and natural gas in Ohio and opening Las Vegas-style casinos in parts of Florida that already have forms of gaming and gambling — have won a majority of support in each polarizing issue that will draw interest in other parts of the country as well.

In the latest quarterly Ohio Omnibus Survey, Fallon Research surveyed 804 voters on fracking – the process of using compressed chemicals and water to break up shale deposits to extract natural gas and oil from them – and found a plurality supports the process.

Asked “Do you support or oppose fracking to meet energy and electricity needs of residences and businesses in Ohio”, a plurality of 47 percent of Ohio voters supported fracking, 32 percent opposed it and 21 percent were unsure, a high figure given that 64 percent said that they are now very or somewhat familiar with fracking.

The Florida Omnibus Survey asked 802 voters if they support or oppose allowing Las Vegas-style casinos to be opened and operated in areas of Florida that already have various forms of gaming and gambling. Overall, 50 percent of voters supported the idea, while 43 percent opposed it and seven percent were unsure. Gambling is a highly polarizing topic in Florida and sub-group analysis illustrates the many political cross-currents by age, party, race and gender.

The surveys were conducted by Fallon Research and Communications and its affiliate, Florida Opinion Research. The Saint Report will publish separate posts on each survey to provide further detail. Full results are available on and

Paul Fallon is a public opinion researcher, political pollster and advisor for corporations, levy committees, interest groups, political candidates and public organizations. He also conducts customer, member, contributor and citizen satisfaction studies for government agencies, industry and labor groups. More details are available on

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