Forbes reports on Saint Consulting and ‘Nimby Wars’

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“Small groups are getting smarter about keeping big projects at bay. Thanks to Saint Consulting, corporations are wising up, too.”
—Forbes magazine, February 16 edition

The latest edition of Forbes magazine features an article about The Saint Consulting Group.

The profile reports that Saint has made a specialty of helping U.S. corporate clients win zoning battles, and provides details of victories on behalf of a proposed oil refinery in South Dakota and a wind energy farm in rural Illinois.

Communities mobilize against commercial interests, and corporations are “ripping pages from the playbooks of protesters, politicians and lobbyists” to organize citizens more quickly and effectively than in the past, the article notes. Tens of billions of dollars are at stake, the article says.

According to Forbes, Saint Consulting boasts the world’s largest stable of former political campaign workers, and has annual revenues of $30 million.

Saint is involved in 135 projects, the article states. Company founder and CEO Mike Saint developed the strategy of countering political action with political action.

In addition to clients who are trying to get projects built, Saint’s business also helps clients who want to keep out a competitor’s project, Forbes reports.

Saint President Patrick Fox tells the magazine that the poor economy has not diminished community opposition to development projects. Citizens believe they can win, Fox says.

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