Floating turbines offer strong sea winds, cheaper than fixed turbines

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offshoreGiven its lead in generating wind power in the United States, Texas is looking at off-shore turbines for more efficient, cheaper and less objectionable ways to harness wind energy. The Austin American-Statesman sent Shelly Emling to visit turbines floating 12 miles off-shore in the Mediterranean to look at more remote offshore windpower — less expensive to build than fixed turbines, floating turbines take advantage of stronger winds at sea.

European company Blue H is testing floating turbines off the coast of Italy, where winds are stronger than they are onshore and where critics won’t have to look at the turbines. Shelly’s report follows.

In a related development, Rhode Island chose Deepwater Wind to construct an offshore wind project that will produce 15 percent of the state’s electricity needs, the Center for Environment, Commerce and Energy’s blog reported.

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