Fear and Loathing in Land Use Politics

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Patrick Fox, President, The Saint Consulting Group

It’s ugly out there for commercial real estate developers.  The cynicism and distrust of politicians and our political system has permeated the approvals process for commercial real estate projects and it makes the process more difficult to navigate for everyone.

According to the results of the 2015 Saint Index, 61 percent of Americans say their community does fair to poor when deciding what gets built.  Women grade local governments even more harshly with 66 percent expressing little confidence in land use decision making.

54 percent of American believe the relationship between elected officials and developers makes the approval process for new development projects unfair.

Saint Index 2015 Opposition[1]

 This mistrust of the process makes outreach and community support efforts even more vital to ensure a successful project.  The old days where developers could sneak a project through in July or August while many residents were on vacation or during the holiday season when people are not paying attention are gone.  Once confronted by a room full of angry neighbors, building support for your project becomes time consuming, expensive and fraught with peril.

 More information is available at http://saintindex.info/

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Patrick Fox is president of The Saint Consulting Group, email: fox@tscg.biz