Developers beware: local NIMBYs add Twitter, Facebook and blogs to arsenal

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By Jay Vincent
Regional Vice President – Midwest, The Saint Consulting Group

twitterTwitter, facebook, web sites and blogs are the new tools in the NIMBY arsenal today.  The problem for developers is that these tools are free and easily put to use to stop development in its tracks.  Just generate a google search for “opposition to development” and you will find hundreds of groups fighting an application for a rezoning or a special use permit.

They push people to hearings through blog posts and calls to action through facebook. You can even watch a site fight play out over a twitter during a public hearing.  It is really fascinating if you are into the Politics of Land Use.

From time to time, we come across particular NIMBY’s who we admire for their fervor and the tactical use of their issue set.  This is one group I have been impressed  with in the past few weeks, the Bayfield County Committee for Responsible Land Use. You win the “site” fight of the week. See their blog site —

Jay Vincent is regional vice president, Midwest, for The Saint Consulting Group, email:, phone 312-970-5770

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