Reports on Protecting Market Share in Saint Consulting White Paper

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Protecting-Market-Share-10-231x300Engaging in community petitioning, lobbying and strategic litigation with the sole aim of protecting your company’s market share has become such a popular strategy even nuns are doing it, writes Marlisse Silver Sweeney in

She interviewed Patrick Fox, president, and Jeffrey Gould, general counsel, after The Saint Consulting Group published a white paper on Protective Market Share: The Boundaries of Competitive Engagement.

In an article headlined, “Protecting Market Share With ‘Competitive Engagement’, Fox is quoted as saying he is seeing an increasing number of companies who are pushing the boundaries of anticompetitive activity. There are times when it’s legal and a constitutionally protected right to challenge a competitor’s development plan, he added.

Gould is quoted as saying there are instances when companies go too far, such as filing lawsuits directly intended to delay the projects, known as “sham” litigation, or filing completely meritless claims. is a daily website for Corporate Counsel Magazine. To read Silver Sweeney’s full article click here to go to website. To see the press release, an abstract and the research paper, you can also click here


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