Chris Hopkins Leads Permitting Seminar at AE&M Expo, Dec 1-5

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Chris-Hopkins2Christopher Hopkins will lead a seminar on  “Running with Scissors, How to Avoid Self-Inflicted Wounds during the the Permitting Process’, at the American Exploration and Mining Association (formerly Northwest Mining Association) Exposition in Reno, NV in December.

Chris, who is senior vice president of aggregates and mining for the Saint Consulting Group, will run the course as part of the four-day 120th annual meeting and exposition at JA Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks/Reno, Dec 1-5. His course will take place on Wednesday morning, December 3, from 8 am to 11.30 am.

Public support is not a spigot that can be turned off and on at a desired moment and time, Chris points out. Support for a project, especially a controversial project, needs to be nurtured and takes time, patience and education to develop. When working with the public you need to avoid costly mistakes as you progress through the process, and if you make a mistake, identify it and take corrective action.

The panel discussion will focus on how to avoid mistakes that could turn public support and ultimately the decision makers against your project. Each of the panel members will provide examples of mistakes to avoid, mistakes they have made in the past, the effects these mistakes had on the process and how they were able to correct those mistakes.

The seminar will also focus on the topic of ‘Ten Commandments’ of dealing with an angry voter and ‘The 12 Rules for Dealing with Reporters’ taken from the joint MIT/Saint Consulting course on land use politics taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Real Estate.

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Chris has been a frequent guest lecturer at graduate programs in mining at several other prestigious universities as well, including the University of Utah, the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the University of Illinois. His articles are routinely published in industry trade journals.

Chris joined Saint Consulting in 2000 after managing and participating in more than 20 political campaigns over a 12-year period. Since joining the firm, he has organized and run more than 50 land use permitting campaigns.

Chris was promoted to vice president in 2003 to oversee regional offices in Tennessee, Florida and Missouri, and in 2007 was named senior vice president for aggregates and mining. He is also senior vice president for business development.

He is a member of the board of the American Coal Council, the Communications Committee of the National Sand, Stone and Gravel Association and served as a judge for the association’s 2008 annual awards for Environmental Excellence and Community Relations. Chris is also an active member of the Mineral Products Association in the United Kingdom and the Ontario Sand, Stone and Gravel Association.

Chris did his undergraduate studies and received his master’s degree in public policy from the University of Massachusetts. He has completed additional programs at Harvard, MIT and the Harvard Business School.

Chris resides in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife and two children. To read previous Saint Report posts by Chris, click here.  Email