Mowing Down Protesters

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By Patrick Fox, CEO A proposal from a North Dakota lawmaker reacting to protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline “would exempt drivers from liability if they unintentionally injure or kill a pedestrian obstructing traffic on a public road.” The action also calls for prosecuting those involved in a “riot.” Apparently, the protests are getting under their skin. “Under the proposal, … Read More

Why avoid public hearings

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By Mike Saint, Chairman One of the reasons we tell clients to avoid public hearings at all costs is to be found in the story below. A public meeting, especially one not run by a public board or an elected council, presents a real risk of backfiring, as angry, passionate opponents take over and attempt to make the session an … Read More

Nimby Nation: The High Cost To America Of Saying No To Everything

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NIMBY opposition is dominating the approvals process, stopping development and slowing economic and job growth across the United States.  The new political reality is that everyone thinks they can fight development and win.  Good projects including projects vital for national infrastructure, economic development and national security are being crushed by a NIMBY majority.  We have been talking about the implications … Read More