Developer’s nightmare – angry neighbors, antsy mayor, good project lost

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By Patrick Fox, President, The Saint Consulting Group Whether you call them NIMBYs, BANANAs, CAVE*, people or uninformed, selfish nutcases, they are organizing to stop your project and, often, they are winning.  Regardless of how good you think your project is and how hard you may have worked to address community needs they are still there screaming bloody murder at … Read More

Saint Approach Explained at World Bank Sustainability Summit

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By Mike Saint The Saint Consulting Group Contentious political battles over land uses are becoming an international phenomenon, one that brings together government, corporations, public interest groups and local people trying to work out often opposing agendas. It is a form of confrontation we at Saint Consulting know well from having been involved in more than 1,700 land use battles … Read More

The Next Trend: Will Recession Hit Commercial Property like Homes?

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One of the rumored “other shoes to drop” as a result of the ongoing recession is the status of commercial property across the country. Are we going to see something similar to what has happened in the housing market where homeowners are choosing to walking away from upside down mortgages or agreeing to short sell sales.

Saint Model Outcomes: making land use politics work in all markets

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The Saint Report has published case studies from some of the 1,500 major planning battles The Saint Consulting Group has fought since 1983. They illustrate how the gathering of real-time intelligence – what we call political due diligence – and the creation of campaign strategies and tactics can mitigate objections, neutralize the opposition and rally community support.

Cincinnati pols eye school funds to cover deficit on sports stadiums

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Voters feel like rubes played for suckers at the carnival, because they’re on the hook for what looks like a $13 million deficit next year in the stadium fund that pays off construction debt for Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ball Park. The deficit might be even more — possibly $92 million by 2014 if nothing is done.

Did land use laws and planning controls help cause financial crisis?

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Thomas Sowell’s book brings up a seldom-debated issue: by blocking what can be built, and where it can be built, do local land use planners also raise the price of land, forcing the price of housing and other development way up? The Law of Supply and Demand would argue that if you artificially limit supply without lowering demand, you do raise prices. Is that good? What problems will it create?