Iowa doctors get taste of land use politics in medical mall dispute

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A proposal to create a medical district near downtown Cedar Rapids has stirred controversy because the doctors want to close off an area of streets to allow larger buildings, parking and future growth of a medical campus. The land use battle, as one Linn County supervisor explained, poses a tough choice for the community, which loves progress but hates change.

Has wind hit it big? Opponents take up anti-big business stance

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Opponents of the wind energy industry are now comparing them to the tobacco industry. Cathy Taibbi writes in Wildlife Conservation an account of birds, bats and animals “massacred” by wind farm turbines. As a card-carrying member of the tobacco family, I wish all who toiled for tobacco got a referral fee every time a “Big Industry” anti used it as an evil analogy to benchmark companies seeking to make a profit and secure policy support from government.

Health care, development’s bright light, still shines despite credit woes

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By Tom Ahern, Senior Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group Much has been written, spoken and ruminated lately on the implosion of the US commercial property market. More specifically, many retail and commercial developers are just hoping to keep their heads above water until 2010 when, they hope, the US has pulled out of recession, and consumers are buying towels, … Read More

Economic slowdown pushes medical facilities development onto life support

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By Tom Ahern Senior Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group The global economic slowdown, exacerbated by tight credit markets, flat retail sales and rising unemployment in the United States, has moved beyond commercial real estate to claim its first victims in the healthcare sector. New hospitals, medical office buildings and outpatient surgery centers, which only months ago were slated for … Read More

South Dakota hospital fight revives debate over health care competition

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Hospitals can fight against potential competitors with as much vigor as “big box” retailers. One such battle is being waged in South Dakota, one of 14 states without a system of hospital review, or certificate of need (CON), to determine if its communities need more health care facilities. Megan Myers reports in the Argus Leader that high-stakes competition between health … Read More