Cape Cod Times interviews Mike Saint on How to Wage NIMBY Wars

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The Cape Cod Times published an interview with P. Michael Saint, chairman and CEO of The Saint Consulting Group, in a feature that reviewed the book “NIMBY Wars, The Politics of Land Use”.

Reporter Sean Gonsalves wrote in the Massachusetts daily newspaper: “Here’s a book to put on your fall reading list — “NIMBY Wars: The Politics of Land Use” by P. Michael Saint, Robert J. Flavell, and Patrick F. Fox.

“Whether we’re talking about the roulette of rhetoric over casino and wind turbine proposals, or plans for a new supermarket, school, or backyard chicken coop, “all politics is local (and) all land use is political,” as the book’s first chapter explores.

“The new land-use reality is not like the “good ol’ days,” when building permits were rubber-stamped without requiring, say, a subdivision developer to include wastewater infrastructure and roads so taxpayers aren’t saddled with multibillion-dollar sewer projects, or expensive road takings when residents learn they can’t get snow plow service on their private way.

“Nowadays, development brings out the Not-In-My-Back-Yard naysayers, no matter how much “economic growth” or “community benefit” is in sight.

“Of course, “if the only opposition to a project proposal is from competitors or outside interest groups, local officials aren’t generally going to pay much heed. But fill the hall with angry constituents with their built-in credibility and right to vote, and local public officials will sit up, listen, and usually act accordingly,” the authors note.

“Founder and CEO of the Hingham-based Saint Consulting Group (, P. Michael Saint is one of the leading land-use consultants in the country, former owner of the Cape Cod Business Journal, and, incidentally, the son of the late Brewster Selectman Paul Saint. (Saint’s Landing, across the street from Robbins Hill Road in Brewster, is named after Saint’s family.)

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