California town in NBIMBY battle over In-N-Out Burgers

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By Jesse McKnight, Executive Vice President, The Saint Consulting Group

You have heard of NIMBY’s, cave people and banana’s and other acronyms for opposition groups, but how about NBIMBY (No Burgers In My Back Yard).

Residents in Pleasant Hill, CA are dueling it out in opposition and support of an In-N-Out burger.  In-N-Out, the popular West Coast burger joint, is usually greeted in communities with open arms.

However, this upscale neighborhood is opposing them due to the possibility of noise, traffic and rowdy late night crowds.  The burger retailer has been forced to scale back the project size, reduce outdoor seats and add parking spaces.

Still not enough as neighbors continue to oppose via Facebook and online petition gathering.   Goes to show that even the most popular of retailers must be cognizant of gathering neighborhood support.

Read Contra Costa Times account of the battle of Pleasant Hill.

Jesse McKnight is executive vice president of The Saint Consulting Group, email, phone 510.770.1511 Ext: 7301

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