Bypassing NIMBYs

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By Patrick Fox, CEO

When the neighbors oppose (after reaching out and trying to work with them), go to the opposite end of town and work in. Explain community benefits for the entire town including tax revenue, empty nester and senior housing opportunities and quantify those benefits by household. All residents have a voice in this and you can offset intractable abutter opposition by demonstrating broader community support. Everyone has a Grandmother! (Frank Nigro & Summit Senior Living)
“Developer Frank Nigro really wishes he could convince critics of a proposed Colonie development to take a ride up the Northway.

His planned 110-unit apartment building for seniors on Forts Ferry Road in Latham has prompted opposition from a neighborhood association, but Nigro said he thinks people would change their minds if they saw The Summit at Saratoga, the project he opened in October in Wilton.”