British public opposition hardens against private housing — Saint Index

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housingThe latest UK Saint© Index survey carried out by The Saint Consulting Group found that NIMBYs who actively opposed a project last year campaigned the most against private residential projects compared to all types of development in Britain.

In addition to being the project most opposed by active NIMBYs, residential housing has steadily lost ground since 2006 amongst those who previously supported it.

The Saint Index asks whether the public supports or opposes development across a wide range of industries. This produces a NIMBY Hate List Download Chart14_2009_v3 that ranks the projects most opposed and a NIMBY Approval Rating Download Chart15_2009_v3 that produces a net finding of support or opposition.

Public scepticism also has grown about the Government’s aim to build three million new homes by 2020, with 74% now saying it is unrealistic (compared to 68% in 2008) and only 20% saying it is realistic (compared to 31% last year).

Yorkshire/ Humberside is the region most opposed to private housing – with +1% support – while the North East leads all regions with a +36% rating for more private housing.

As an effective means to tackle Britain’s housing crisis, eco-towns came a poor third (51%) to development within existing towns (71%) or extension of existing towns (70%). Download Chart18_2009_v3

Among the significant residential findings:

• 18% want more private residential in their local community, a noticeable jump in support on last year (2008 7%)
• However, support for social housing is withering, down to 8% from 23% last year
• But private residential is still the most campaigned against development. 51% of those that actively oppose development do so against private housing. Again, this is a big increase on last year (2008 40%)
• Unsurprisingly, private residential projects are campaigned against most by 55-64s, C2s and the rural
• East Midlands stands out as most active region against private residential projects

For full results from the UK Saint Index, see March 9 post on The Saint Report.

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