Support for Delaware offshore project a lesson for wind farms

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By Jay Vincent,
Senior Vice President, Energy, The Saint Consulting Group

Willett Kempton, University of DelawareGetting major stakeholders on board early to support a wind farm proposal means identifying and mapping who they are, continually educating them about your project and mobilizing them to take some action to demonstrate their support.

The passion and emotion surrounding these projects based on the issues drive expressions of support, and the experience of Bluewater winning public support for an offshore wind farm proposal in Delaware attracted much discussion at an American Wind Energy Association forum in Boston.

The News Journal article reports on why this offshore project is heading the right direction based on motivated major stakeholders and the importance of engaging them early and often to reach the agreements necessary for offshore wind to start generating power.

Jay Vincent is senior vice president for energy for The Saint Consulting Group, email or phone  312.970.5770 Ext: 7502

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