Beyond Mining: Diversify and Expand your Local Economy – Can Do Can Work!

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The Saint Consulting Group would like to introduce our readers to the Sirolli Institute. Based in Sacramento, California, Ernesto Sirolli has worked around the world with local groups and communities setting up an entrepreneurial atmosphere for local populations to thrive.

The Institute has recently begun working in the mining industry, and we at Saint Consulting were quick to realize the value they bring to many permitting issues, especially those that deal with First Nations and other indigenous peoples in mining territories. We have been happy to include their services in some of our recent work proposals. Suzette McFaul, the Institute’s mining expert, is located in Vancouver, BC.

Ernesto spoke last month at the International Indigenous Summit on Energy and Mining, the first ever organized by the Assembly of First Nations and National Congress of American Indians in Niagara Falls, ON. We are grateful to be allowed to present that speech, and we are proud to welcome the Sirolli Institute into the Saint Family.

Christopher M. Hopkins, Senior Vice President of Aggregates and Mining, The Saint Consulting Group

“the future of every community lies in capturing the passion, the imagination and the resources of its people” — Dr. Ernesto Sirolli

By Dr. Ernesto Sirolli, The Sirolli Institute

In recent times, with rare exceptions, most economically viable ore discoveries have been large, low grade and located in remote parts of the world. Past practices may be incapable of mitigating their social and economic impact and mining companies are called to develop community relations that make them welcomed partners.  There are fundamentally two dangers for mining companies:

  • Alienating local population, resulting in militancy and lengthy legal battles to obtain a license to operate
  • Being held accountable for building social and economic infrastructure that are not the company’s responsibility

There is a grassroots approach to local economic and community development that avoids what is described above by focusing on the creation of a ‘parallel economy’ in communities. Enterprise Facilitation® has been successfully used, globally, for the past 25 years and it has come to the attention of mining companies for its ability to engender a local ‘can do’ attitude that promotes community pride and self reliance. Enterprise Facilitation teaches local entrepreneurs how to ‘fish’ and it avoids practices that are both expensive and unsustainable.

For the full presentation by Dr. Sirolli to the Indigenous Summit on Energy and Mining, click on Sirolli_Indigenous Summit. For background on Dr. Sirolli, click on Ernesto Sirolli_biography

To contact the Sirolli Institute, phone 916.446.9264 or

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