Back by popular demand — How to kill a development project in 10 easy steps

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Four years ago a tongue-in-cheek guide to killing development projects was published in the Real Property Section Review of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, written by Robert I. McMurry and Dwight H. Merriam, who are respected developer’s counsel and land use lawyers. Mr. Merriam has kindly agreed to let The Saint Report reprint the missive, “How to Kill a Development Project in 10 Easy Steps”.

This light-hearted list includes such advice as: Step 1: we don’t just bamboozle them, we Google them; Step 7: you gotta get political, political, let’s get political; and Step 9: it ain’t over until it’s over (perfecting the appeal).

Have they gotten out of date. Do you have others to add? Download how_to_kill_a_development_project_in_10_easy_steps.pdf

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