Why avoid public hearings

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By Mike Saint, Chairman

One of the reasons we tell clients to avoid public hearings at all costs is to be found in the story below.

A public meeting, especially one not run by a public board or an elected council, presents a real risk of backfiring, as angry, passionate opponents take over and attempt to make the session an anti project rally. You need to communicate with neighbors as you seek approvals, but one on one meetings, a strategic social media plan or telephone town halls offer far less chance for the communications to be hijacked by opponents.

Carmel residents embrace NIMBYism in opposition to State Parks plan.

By Sara Rubin

On the evening of June 1, when about 250 people gathered in the Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center at Rancho CaƱada Golf Club, it should have been a celebratory, or at least a civilized, exercise in democracy.

California State Parks officials had planned a one-hour presentation on the draft Carmel Area State Parks General Plan, and the public process and deadlines involved in finalizing it. A two-hour workshop period would follow, giving people time to gather around tables, study maps and ask questions one-on-one.

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