As recession bites, NIMBYs take back seat to jobs, tax growth and more housing

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nimby3 NIMBYs seem to be losing clout in some communities where a dire local economy is desperate for growth, construction activity and jobs, jobs, jobs.

Thanks in part to a weakening economy, fights over whether to build are often replaced by negotiations on how to make projects work, reports Claude Solnick in the Long Island Business News. Communities facing soaring property taxes are being more receptive to projects, which bring taxes and jobs. Tenants of commercial buildings help reduce property taxes, and multifamily dwellings provide affordable housing.

“Years ago, only the NIMBYs would come out and say they didn’t want this project. They didn’t ask what the project was. You’re seeing more voices saying, ‘Let’s take a look at this project and see how it can make sense for us,’” said Lawrence Feldman, a real estate attorney on Long Island, NY. “You’re starting to see people who say, ‘We need jobs, long term jobs, construction jobs.’”

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