Canadian power transmission project divides NH along 140-mile path

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New Hampshire residents are divided over an electricity transmission project that would provide power from Canada to the southern part of the state for distribution there and in other parts of New England, The New Hampshire Sunday News reports in a survey.

The Northern Pass power project would funnel hydroelectric power south from Quebec along 140 miles of transmission lines, bringing with it the kinds of NIMBY opposition that such linear land use projects pose — all the negatives of a single site project and few of the positives.

Using a survey posted on, the New Hampshire Sunday News gathered information from 855 people, of whom 46 percent said they were not in favor of the project; 15 percent said they were not in favor of it in its “current form”; and 39 percent said they were in favor of it.

Those in favor cited the need for clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and worry that NIMBYs will drown out chances for giving the project a fair hearing. Those opposed worry about power transmission towers blighting New Hampshire scenic landscape  and benefits going to a private Canadian company.

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