American Coal Council: No more slam-dunk planning in NIMBY Wars

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The land use planning landscape has changed drastically over the past few decades. The American Coal Council, in its review of NIMBY Wars: The  Politics of Land Use, writes:

“As NIMBY Wars describes, the new reality ( for the coal and energy industry) is that land use planning has moved from the small network of “connected” individuals — developers, planners and elected officials — into a realm of advocacy and politics.

The reviewer, Jason Hayes, communications director for the ACC, says NIMBY Wars “gives readers a detailed look into the dog-eat-dog, cutthroat and highly politicized world of land use planning… there is no room for the faint-of-heart of the unprepared here, and in this world, pride will go before destruction. In fact, one mis-step can cost millions or get your project flat out rejected.” 

To read the full ACC review, click here. For more information about NIMBY Wars, go to


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