A lot has changed.

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Dear Friends:

A lot has changed.

As you may have heard, in January our founder, P. Michael Saint, stepped out of his role as CEO. Mike started The Saint Consulting Group over thirty years ago creating the world’s first firm focused exclusively on the politics of land use. Maintaining his high standards for constant innovation and industry leadership to best serve our clients will remain our highest priority.

After a career in politics, I served as a Saint Consulting project manager, division manager and company president prior to recently being named CEO. I have watched the company evolve over the twenty years from essentially a highly specialized project based rapid response team to much more.

Whether working to build market share with new development or to protect strategic assets by stopping competing projects, today’s companies can’t afford to run into needless roadblocks. They consume too many resources and too much time while jeopardizing long-term strategic goals.

After over 2000 projects across five countries and 48 U.S. states, the nature of our work fundamentally changed from putting out fires to actually preventing them. We still get those last minute crisis calls when all hell breaks loose but, more often, we are working closely with clients to develop and implement pro-active strategies that are far more cost effective, efficient and successful. Some examples:

  • Working with an international oil and gas pipeline company to develop cost effective strategies to win approvals across multi-state pipeline routes.
  • Developing a replicable tool kit for a Fortune 50 company to use on a long-term multi-project expansion plan.
  • Creating a national strategy for a top retailer to deal with current and future competitive threats.
  • Building new digital campaign infrastructures that target, identify and engage supporters with amazing effectiveness.

Today, Saint Consulting is teaching at some of the nation’s top institutions, providing executive education programs to development teams and publishing thought leadership on new techniques and innovative solutions. Our Saint Digital team has literally rewritten the playbook with the development of new tools and strategies designed specifically for development projects.

Our clients now count on us to help them develop long-term programs that limit risks and dramatically raise success rates with budget predictability, project metrics and cost efficiency. We are driving client costs down and ROI up.

A lot has changed and I want to share it with you. Saint Consulting will now provide initial complimentary strategic consultations on new projects and development programs for any company interested in learning more. Let’s get down to your specific challenges and new ideas you can use right now to save money, save time, drive efficiency and get results. Call (781 385-9433) or email me directly to schedule.

Patrick Fox, CEO
And the Saint Consulting team