74% of Americans Oppose New Development in Community – Saint Index

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2010 Saint Index Numbers just released.

Nearly three in four Americans oppose any form of new development in their community. This level of general opposition to development has remained steady across the United States for the last five years.  It illustrates the hurdle that every developer starts with when attempting to build in the US.  It is important to remember that the Saint Index does not ask people how they feel about development in general- it asks how you feel about it in your community.  For example: many people like grocery stores and would like to have more shopping choices but they want you to build them in your neighborhood- not theirs.

While this level of opposition to local development is high, it is significantly lower than in the United Kingdom where 85% of those surveyed in 2009 oppose any new local development.


The Saint Index is the only international survey that quantifies and studies opposition to development.  For more information on the Saint Index go to http://tscg.biz/the-saint-index or contact us directly for a briefing focusing on your industry. Email: shepherd@tscg.biz or call 781 749 7290, ext 7121

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